Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pay Czar, what are you doing to freedom?

Headline in the WSJ today: "Pay Czar to Slash Compensation"

Why do I care? Why does this bother me? It's punishment for those who took bail out money, right?!! Screw them, man! Yeah... Well, except until Senator Schumer (NY) gets his way and expands the reach of the pay czar to all publicly traded companies.

I believe that one big reason that the Unites States of America is the greatest nation on earth is because a person is never stagnant in their ability to prosper. I'm not a millionaire Wall Street executive and I don't want to be but, my child might one day.

Do we want the government picking and choosing who gets paid what or do we want a person to be able to pick and choose their employers based on, among other things, their compensation package? Do we want the government to have the ability to make our ability to prosper stagnant, to pre-determine the highest rung of the ladder that we are able to climb to?

Is this all just another step towards the great artificial utopia, a socially and economically 'just' society?

What's happening to this great nation?

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