Friday, November 13, 2009

Citizen of the World Indeed!

Reading some of the remarks from Obama while he's over in Asia. I keep expecting him to bust out into song:

"I'm evvv'ry woooman...."

Obama is the first "Pacific president" that the US has had but he's a good mid-western Chicago boy too.

Lived in Indonesia as a boy so he can totally feel the Asian vibe. Father was from Africa so he's got that down too. Heck, his sister was born in Jakarta AND she married a Chinese-Canadian!

"I ain't braggin, 'cause I'm the One..."

Muslim, oh yeah baby, studied that as a child, father was born into Islam--check! Now he's Christian but he used to be a non-believer so he's got that covered too!

Educated at a top university but not so cerebral where he can't throw some 'shout outs' and 'cousin Pookies' out there too.

"I'm every woman, It's all in meeeeee!!"

Dude cracks me up.